Posted August 23, 2006 by obonpaxis
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Anyone tried Joomla? It’s an open-source content management package. I’m still not sure how it works. It claims to offer all sorts of extras for its end users, but for all I know it could be Frontpage on ‘roids. A friend of mine is redesigning his small business website via their software.



Posted August 22, 2006 by obonpaxis
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Americans waste way too much time taking photos of their jaded pets.

I am not absolved from this practice:

Ok. This is just to meet the requirement of the Web 2.0 exercise (I uploaded this image via Flickr). Better Spencer’s photo than mine…

Late for the party…

Posted August 17, 2006 by obonpaxis
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I created this blog last week but decided not to post anything. The assumption was that I would think of something clever to say over the weekend–something that would endear me to my PLCMC colleagues. I failed.

Btw, I already had an old blog at, and decided to go with wordpress for this library project. Hopefully it isn’t breaking any rules.

Anyway, feel free to check back regularly for more inane updates!